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File name : LINEAR_B.TTF

Size : 34.1 Kb

Licence type: Free

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AuthorCurtis Clark
Added bywebmaster
CategoryLanguage > Ancient
Date added26 July 2004
Visited4606 times
DescriptionThe font's real name is Linear B. Mycenaean (ancient Greek) syllabary, derived from Minoan Linear A. Inscriptions are sometimes found at Mycenaean sites written in Linear B. Linear B is a syllabary (rather than an alphabet), in which each sign stands for a complete syllable, either a vowel or a consonant plus a vowel. Linear B evidently represents a borrowing from the Minoan civilization of Crete, which was written in a syllabary called Linear A. The Minoan language is unknown and the Linear A inscriptions untranslated, although there is enough similarity between Linear A and Linear B that some of the syllabic values can be inferred.



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