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Pittsburg Steelers


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Pittsburg Steelers
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Descargar Pittsburg Steelers


Nombre de archivo: gunplay.ttf

Tamano : 30.74 Kb

Tipo de licencia: Free

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Detalles de la Fuente:

AutoresRay Larabie
Enviado porwebmaster
CategoríaFamoso > Deportes
Fecha de publicación08 August 2004
Visitado65624 Tiempos
DescripcionThe font's real name is Gunplay. No payment is required for the use of these fonts. They're free! Commercial use? Sure, but a donation or a product sample would be appreciated. I make all the fonts (around 370 of them) on my web page and they're all free. I offer Deluxe versions of some of my fonts for sale. They contain several weights and styles of each font. Just click on the Deluxe button at Larabie Fonts to see them. The page is called Larabie Fonts It can be found at various mirror sites. try: I've provided the world with about 300 free fonts, so if you'd like to make a donation I'd be more than happy to accept it. No donation is too small! Music and artwork are good too. If you have some CD's you're not listening to anymore, send 'em along! Send anything at all to Ray Larabie 61 Wesley Ave. Port Credit Ontario, CANADA L5H 2M8 If you decide to send a cheque (that's how we spell it in Canada) make it payable to Ray Larabie. If you want to double check the address have a look at the donation section on any of my webpages. Canadian or US funds? Any funds are fine with me. Whatever's easy for you. Ray Larabie or...



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